Bitcoin Wallets

Where do you keep your money?

Most certainly in the bank, this is the safest place to store money.

How the banker identifies you?

A banker identifies each customer by their account number.
Similarly when we talk about bitcoins, then we need a safe place to store them and also some ID with which we would be identified. This is why we would need a bitcoinwallet and a bitcoinaddress. Well, in simple words WALLETS are online account where you can keep your free bitcoins. Similar to that of a physical wallet or a bank account or a PayPal account, wallets stores all your bitcoins.

Each wallet is recognized by its unique address usually between 30 to 35 characters long, mixed string of character containing alphabets in upper and lower case along with digits is what you would get. Wallet addresses for different kind of coins would differ in characteristics. You can even generate a wallets address as and when required.

Wallets are of different kind, namely DESKTOP Wallets, ONLINE Wallets, MAC Wallets and ANDROID Wallets.

Desktop Wallets: These are generally online as well as offline wallets, which you need to, install in your Windows computer. Generally these wallets takes more time to sync with the block chain network and are more vulnerable to hack attacks.

Online Wallets: These wallets are found in the form of online accounts, where you need to create a log in and password to access your account and most of the companies are giving away two STEP verification to make sure that your account is secured. This is the most recommended wallets.

Mac Wallets: These wallets are basically used by Mac user; hence if you are using Mac as your operating system, then these wallets would be your choice, they are similar to a desktop wallet.

Android Wallets: Some companies are providing the access to their online wallets over android phone and hence such wallet are known as android wallets.

This information will now help you to understand what a bitcoin wallet is and how to get it. Below we have also put some of our trusted and recommended wallet and trading platform for you.

We also wanted to let all know that anyone can TRADE bitcoins or any other coins in exchange of bitcoins or other FIATS, for that we have given above a link to BTER, a site which we would recommend to all for all kind of trading related to crypto currencies and bitcoins.

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