Faucets are basically websites that pays free bitcoins to your wallet address, just for visiting the site, or for viewing ads, taking survey, watching videos. The number of bitcoins a faucet pays depends on the type of faucet and ranges from that of 10 satoshi to that of 1.5 million satoshi. Also different faucet pays in different time, so it can be that in some faucet you can claim free bitcoins every 5 minutes while in others it would take 24 hours to claim your free bitcoins.

We are in the verge of developing our own faucet, our developers are working all night to bring in the best and one of a kind of faucet which could give lot of earnings to all our members.

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How do bitcoin faucets earn money ?

You might have seen or came across so many bitcoin faucets, each of them paying small satoshis ranging between 1 satoshi to even 10000 satoshis. Whenever we find such a faucet which is quick in paying and is regular with their payments, we after reading a little review about the bitcoin faucet site jump into it and register to roll the dice or click some ads to start accumulating those satoshis, which are then transferred to our bitcoin wallet. But have you ever thought of how these bitcoin faucets are earning? How do they manage to pay so many users in time and every time?

From the time bitcoin came into the knowledge of everyone, we see that some or the other bitcoin faucet is coming up with different kind of new games to play and earn bitcoins, but the truth is these faucet owners are earning thrice as much as what they pay us, and here is why.

You would observe that all the faucet in existence will have a one page website with so many ads placed all over the site, on the side bars, the top and the bottom, some square ads, some leader board sized and some normal or small banner ads, very carefully placed all over their website, in addition to this ads, all these bitcoin faucets will have a captcha placed on their site, which any user needs to correctly fill before they can claim the satoshi. Ever wondered why? The reason is these bitcoin faucet sites gets paid from those ads placed on their website and also gets paid by the captcha company.

Ads are typically divided into different categories like some are CPM ads where in some are PPI or CPA ads and even CPC ads, all these variety of ads have different pay scale and also differ in the payment as per the country IP or impression or clicks they receive. In addition when any user fills up the captcha correctly the captcha company pays some fixed amount per correct captcha entered from their faucet site.

Hence in all these ways the bitcoin faucet website gets paid huge on daily basis. If you want to know how then STAY TUNED for my next article where I would be explaining the same with some figures.

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