What is BitCoin?

Bitcoins is a crypto currency or a peer-to-peer currency, a virtual form of currency, which cannot be mint by any government in this world but is rather mined using special ASIC computers. Originally it was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto in the year 2008. You can find more information on bitcoin in this WIKIPEDIA article.

Large computers with very high speed processors are required to mine bitcoins. These special computers would cost from anywhere $1000 to $100000. These computers solves algorithm which are in the form of puzzle and are known as blocks, each blocks when decrypted or rather as known as “found” would give you anywhere from 10 BTC to 50 BTC. The value of 1 BTC keeps on changing as per the demand increases; currently it is valued at $661 per BTC, where in it went to a peak high of $1200 per BTC. All transactions related to bitcoins are stored in a public ledger known as block chain. There are even speculations that the price per 1 BTC could shoot up to $40000, in the near future.These price variations completely depends on the popularity of bitcoins, which means the more people get aware of bitcoins, the more it will gain value.

  • 1 mBTC = 0.001 BTC (milli BTC)
  • 1 uBTC = 0.001 mBTC (micro BTC or millionth of BTC)
  • 1 satoshi = 0.01 uBTC (smallest unit of divisibility, hundred milltionth of a Bitcoin).
  • btc=mbtc*1000, btc=ubtc*1000000
  • ubtc=btc/1000000
  • mbtc = btc/1000

  • Most of the countries are accepting bitcoins in some form or other, but then we also have countries that are not in the favor of accepting bitcoins as a form of currency.

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    What is Cloud Mining?

    You can find a long list of mining hardware here, but since the mining hardware is very costly which cannot be purchased and acquired by every common man, hence many companies have come up with different concepts of mining known as mining pool. A mining pool is generally a collection of different computers from different parts of the world, who contribute in mining bitcoins. Any common person can join this pool and start mining bitcoins by downloading there mining client.

    Even better some companies have come up with solutions of cloud mining, and are selling contracts to people, here what you need to do is get yourself register with the company via their website, invest your bitcoins and buy GHS short form for Gigahashes, and these companies would mine for you, simple isn’t it, just invest and sit back, relax and see your bitcoins grow.

    We would recommend CEX and Ghash cloud mining trading site, however we have observed that many cloud mining companies shut down their mining process or limit it, if there is a drastic fall in bitcoin price. PLEASE DO NOTE THAT DUE TO THE FALL IN PRICE OF BITCOINS THIS RECOMMENDED WEBSITE NO LONGER DEALS WITH CLOUD MINING.



    Why we Recommend the above cloud mining site ?

    We have researched a lot and are still researching to find the best lucrative company with whom we can mine in the cloud. While our research was going on, we found some typical characteristics of this contracts which are provided by different companies for cloud mining. This is one of the main reason why we recommend the above site.

  •  In general you would find companies giving a contract for 1 year only, some companies are providing the      contract for 2 years or 5 years respectively.
  •  You will not be able to withdraw your balance until the end of this contract term or period.
  •  Some companies even have restriction that you can purchase GHS only once at the beginning of the       contract.
  •  The bitcoins generated during the contract period are not re-invested; neither will these companies give you       an option to re-invest it again to buy more GHS.
  •  The pool fee or maintenance charges of some companies are very high.
  •  The GHS / BTC rate also differs from companies to companies.
  •  Most of the companies do not provide a secure platform for mining.
  •  You have to purchase GHS or THS only using Bitcoins, most of the companies do not have the option for     other coins, namely LiteCoins (LTC), DogeCoins (Doge), NameCoins (NMC), or other forms of crypto       currency.
  •  Most of the companies are providing only cloud mining option; this means that you cannot trade currencies      with them.
  •  Most of the companies would mine only Bitcoins and no other coins along with them.
  •  Most of the companies have poor hash rate speed.

  • Keeping all those disadvantages in mind we searched for a company where all this options are not present, and we are glad that we found at least one of them in the Bitcoins market.

    Ways of earning Money…

    Every human being born on this earth needs money, we are living in an era where money is everything because gone are those days of batter system and exchanging of goods, now money is used for everything, might be you want to buy a hair pin or a buffalo what you need is money. To earn money we all study hard and get into specific streams so that once our studies are completed we can start earning money with our skills. But does that always happen? well the answer to this is a YES and a NO, some of you will be with the view that yes that is the way to earn money by working or doing business wherein I must say that there would be many of you who would take the view that studies and working or business is not the only option to earn money.

    Money can be earned from varied sources one of which is by visiting a casino, a black jack or roulette table in a live casino can fetch you some handsome income, but if you think going into a casino is tiresome then do not worry since with the advanced technology we have as of date now you can play casino games online, yes online casino and mobile casino version are now available for people all over the world, however take your step with a little caution and make sure you have read the casino reviews before you choose to make an account and put in some dollars to start rolling. Online casino are a great way to pass the time since if you are sitting idle back at home and do not know how to start earning money or might think of how to invest those extra $100 to roll in some profit, then online casino is the best option for you. A suggestion, do not get too much greedy with online casino games that might lead you to a DUI Lawyer or a DWI Lawyer, still I am sure playing online casino games and or live casino games would never end you up with criminal lawyer, criminal defence lawyer or bankruptcy lawyer for sure. A fact about making money in Australia, make money online Australia people by visiting online casino.

    Here is another way of earning money, now for this you need to be a geek or else invest something first to earn money, well what I mean is make a website, and using the website you can give out computer science classes online and those who would enrol for your computer science classes online would pay you for your services, you can even sell some specific service business software or business management software via your website, these software can be made by you or something which you might have the right to sell and believe me you can earn a lot by selling such software online.

    In order to get that software built or to even build your website or blog for the sole purpose of marketing the very first thing you need is to hire PHP Developers, you can even hire PHP Developer or hire PHP programmers. PHP Programmers and PHP Developers are professionals who know how to write different kind of codes to make a website or any other specific software. The easiest way to find PHP developer or PHP programmers is to Google in the keywords "PHP" Programmers for Hire”. You will see a long list of many sites that are providing PHP developers and PHP programmers, what you need to choose and decide is whether you want a full time PHP developer or you would hire PHP programmers on a contract basis. If you are planning to choose WordPress then you have to look for custom WordPress theme designer because WordPress theme designers would set things up in WordPress for you. You can even find some WordPress themes for designers or convert designs from Psd to WordPress or Psd to html and try with your own hands to set things up, and do not forget to go for WordPress hosting. A fact about making website and selling services online is that - always get a registered domain and do not make a free website, so the first thing is buy a domain from a domain seller and then take a good hosting from any hosting provider, making sure the hosting you are purchasing has adequate amount of storage space and bandwidth available.

    Now once your website is ready and your software made, it is time to sell, but how will you sell,no one knows about you or even your website and the services you are providing, thus here what comes into the role play are SEO companies. SEO companies are providing SEO services. Make sure the Seo Company you have chosen is the Best Seo Company. These SEO companies would help your website to rank in Google search and would also provide you with lot of Social media strategies and set up your different social media campaigns using a variety of social media tools. Since the seo company would know about the Best social media platforms hence their social media examiner and social media management team would help you to find the best social media platforms for business. Designing of your new social media platforms could be very vital as these social media platforms would get you lot of targeted visitors to your website, thus choosing the social media platforms for business is a time consuming work, but with expert seo companies by your side you can sit back and relax.

    Did you know that learning adobe illustrator could have come in handy, when it comes to earning online, you can simply start a tech school and provide adobe illustrator classes or design HTML email, such courses over the internet are much looked for and opted by many students of different ages, even better if you had your hands on designing, then you could simply start a website for online Christmas cards with options like photo Christmas cards or custom Christmas cards because Christmas cards are one online greeting that most of us send during the season.

    Note that if any of the above online earning trick is a success then you might get funding for future development of your website and work from different business finance group, and if the above online earning methods fail then you are left with two option, first you can open up an Italian cooking school, present yourself as a proud Italian cook and get all those moms earn how to make pizza and pasta or you can head over to my EBOOK page, download the EBOOKS from there and start earning online.


    Discuss about online earning techniques...

    We would like to recommend CPA Hero to all our visitors, if and only if you are looking to seriously discuss about different online earning methods and fr33bitcoin techniques. The MODs and Admin as well as all the members in this forum are very helpful and much experienced when it comes to How to earn online?

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